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When developing a personal solution for a client or a software solution for the industry, we focus on the best international practices of the insurance and risk consulting market. The AIM Partners team has unique experience in creating innovative insurance products and risk management in various industries.
Service 360 degree
In corporate business, as in life, success depends on the well-coordinated work of the team. AIM Partners provides development, support and consulting services in the field of risk management. Our team will analyze your risks, draw up a risk profile of the company, and develop a plan to minimize risks for your company's business.
Pre–underwriting analysis
The key difference between our joint work with the client is the analysis of the client and the development of the most optimal insurance conditions before contacting the insurer. This allows us to find the best solution for the terms of the insurance contract based on the task set before us.
The team is the key to success. We create strong teams for the benefit of our clients. All partners and line managers have more than 10 years of experience in insurance.
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